So you won’t be surprised that I’ve been here, there and everywhere during the past month or two! It’s becoming standard fare now for me to be travelling the world and country and I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure I’m not dreaming. I’ve got immense gratitude to all of my clients, students and talented partners who make it possible for me to make a living doing what I love.

From Dover to Dusseldorf

Soppy acceptance speech aside, the highlight of the past month for me was definitely my performance for SFD & Samsung at the Dusseldorf Euro Shop Tradefair. This huge event in Germany is the largest retail tradefair and I had the pleasure of entertaining everybody at the event from the SFD Samsung stall. Steve Kemp, the Asia Director of SFD, was pleased with my performance and we hope to work together in the future.

“…helped our brand really stand out from the crowd, the energy and vibe he provided was excellent…”

 After the day was out, I was thrilled to be asked to perform at a sponsored evening event with my good friend and fellow performer Moni Tivony, from BBC’s The Voice, Brett Warren and Ross Wall. We had a fantastic time and can’t wait to get back on stage together.

Brendan Mills SFD Samsung

The Success of Bipolar

As you’ll know by now, I am the better-looking half of drum ‘n’ bass duo Bipolar, with my good friend Max Alexander. Our tracks have been getting some great reviews recently and I’ve been thrilled to watch our latest single rocket to #3 in the Vinyl Chart and #4 in Digital Downloads. Look out for our ‘Sublime‘ EP.

I’ll also be releasing my very first Sax-House EP in the summer, so make sure you’ve got it loaded onto your iPod for those days in the park and nights in the club.

Upcoming Dates

My next tour will be a multi-stop session around Israel with Moni Tivony and the very talented Ross Wall. I can’t wait to try this one out, I’m yet to visit Israel and I want to see how well our music goes down. Once back, I’ve got some quick downtime to ensure that all of my students are progressing well (especially Rachel with her new 1954 Selmer Mk VI!) and then I’m on an Ireland tour in May.

I’ve also taken 3 bookings for gigs and events in Spain for 2014, so it’s looking to be another international year!

Artist Production Offer

Stay tuned for an upcoming production offer that I’m offering to all dance artists in the south-east. Through my record label Buffalo Beats and in our Kent recording studio, we’ll be providing you with the chance to cut, mix and release your very own single or EP. Heavily discounted simply because I can’t get enough of studio work and promoting up-and-coming artists, there will be more details to follow!