Boris Johnson

For me, writing blogs is a time for reflection – to be able to look back and collect my thoughts on events from the preceding weeks . . . some surprising, some not so.  It is also a time to look forward, and to wonder what maybe around the next corner . . . what will I be writing about in a month from now? And I have to say . . . . I wasn’t expecting to be talking about Boris Johnson!  Neither did I expect to bump into him at the airport in Mykonos on route back from one of the most beautiful weddings I have done to date!  (But this is exactly what happened!)


My first overseas event of the summer season was set in the beautiful Greek Island of Mykonos, where I was able to call the Mediterranean Sun, Sea, Sand and, of course, a Sax (all the best things begin with S!)  My office!  It was such a wonderful weekend – armed with the most gorgeous couple, a fabulous Wedding party (who were all up for a SERIOUSLY good time), a DJ with more energy than the Duracell bunny and with large quantities of Champagne (that even the most lavish MP wouldn’t dare to put on his expenses bill) – we partied not just one . . . but THREE nights away!  I’ll let the pictures tell the story . . .


But just when I thought things couldn’t get any better – at the airport I managed to make friends with no less than the Mayor of London himself!  And I have to say – what a thoroughly lovely chap.  Regardless of your political compass – I think anybody would struggle not to like Mr Johnson if they met him in person!  Anyway – much to my excitement, he took my business card . . . so I made him an offer he shouldn’t be able to resist!  So Boris, if you’re listening . . . it still stands!

Brendan Mykonos Party

Breaking World Records

For a few years now I have been playing sax for the incredibly talented soul singer that is Fil Straughan.  I genuinely love this guy – not just a great vocalist, but someone that just has to enter a room to ‘Fil’ it with charisma (Sorry Fil, I couldn’t resist!). Now Mr Straughan is no stranger when it comes to making records . . . and with a C.V that boasts sharing stages with Ray Lewis (the drifters), Hot Chocolate, Mike Phillips and Alexander Burke (to name just a few!), you can imagine how high I jumped when he approached me about producing some soulful deep house records.  But what was to follow amazed me!  Our first writing session involved me thrashing out some riffs on the piano with Fil designing some top lines that would make even the hardiest of us go a bit jelly-like!  In two hours we had written no less than   . . . .wait for it . . . FOURTEEN tracks.  And I’m not talking about album fillers!  Now, if that’s not broken some records then I don’t know what will!

The hard work now begins with the challenge of producing and releasing them – so, we’ll be heading down to the studio to crack on as soon as I have written this blog!  Really looking forward to making these.



You may recall last month that I mentioned the possibility of making some fresh summer beats!  Now, when Krystalroxx – who, without a doubt, has to be one of Britain’s best female DJ talents asked me to remix one of her new singles – how could I possibly resist?!

I headed straight to Buffalo Beats towers fully loaded with my Macbook Pro, an army of synthesisers and KR’s exclusive remix stems hoping to do justice to what was an already incredible sounding track. . . . And the results. . .  well, I am hoping that her management’s email response to my efforts opened with ‘Brendan AKA Jammy AKA Legend!!!’ means that they probably liked it!

This will be up for release through Metropolis later in the year – so watch this space.


Other Stuff!

The release date for my track featuring 2 x UK number one vocalist Kelli-Leigh is set for 29th June 2015 and will be available in all the stores!  I have decided to revert back to using Brendan Mills for my future dance releases (including this one) – but there will always be a space in my heart for ‘Jammy’.


Wedding bookings are heating up for the summer and I have just invested in a new QSC PA system (including the critically acclaimed ‘K-Subs’) . . so I can’t wait to give these a spin!!    In addition to this I am soon to be starting a regular showcase night in an exclusive central London venue – all of the details to follow in the next blog, so keep reading!

Oh, and just quickly – here’s another one of my new videos!  Enjoy . . .