It seems like I haven’t slept in my own bed for the entirety of August, it was a crazy, crazy month.

I’m still riding the wave of my Saxhouse E.P, which continues to do well both in the UK and overseas. I’m still waiting to hear it pop up whilst I’m out on the town, but when Victor Simonelli says that he “will work it at all upcoming gigs” – you know you’ve done something right.

Brendan Mills Saxhouse EP praise

Late nights and bright lights

I’m not done there though. The lights at Buffalo Towers stayed on into the early hours more than frequently this past month, we’ve been working on another E.P. Already two tracks signed and they’ll be making their way to National Radio on an premium Saturday night show; stay tuned for more information here. Look out for collabs with Kelli-Leigh, Trevor Francis and mystery celebrities…

15th September – there’s a double-headed single release making its way into stores, already signed to MusicHouse with a 6 week National Radio campaign. You’ll recognise the lead vocals on those tracks as a certain diva behind Number One hits ‘I Got You‘ and ‘I Wanna Feel.’

Performances and preparation

Gigs? In August I managed to cover hundreds of miles and I’ve got jet lag coming out of my ears! Among my usual haunts and circuit in London, I also had to catch a last-minute flight to Glasgow and then hop over to Spain to lay some tunes. This month I’m off to Tarifa for a quick performance and then again back over to Scotland.

Any down time that I’ve had has been spent preparing my students for their exams. Thom and Luc are well into Grade 6 territory and Sarah is, amazingly, heading toward Grade 4 after just a year on the brass! Very proud of all my students and I still have my 100% pass record!

More than just a competition

You’ll remember the Jamie Johnson Remix competition that I’ve been running. Well the winning artist got their single deal and release, but what began as a fun competition has blossomed into a great musical partnership. Myself and EssBeeDee will be working together on more collabs in the very near future. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one, there’s something special in the making…