Jamie Johnson, of The Voice fame, has been working collaboratively with me for a number of years now and I’m very excited to see him progressing so well in The Voice.  He fired his way into the semi-finals last night without even going to the vote, he is the public’s favourite, the bookie’s favourite and definitely my favourite!  To celebrate his raging successes on national television, I have decided to run a competition in his name!

Jamie Johnson & Brendan Mills

Jamie Johnson Westminster Park Plaza
The man currently taking the world by storm was first introduced to me through work I was doing with TwoSeven and it wasn’t long until we released Into Your Eyes.  I saw a lot of raw talent in Jamie Johnson and we quickly became moulded to each other’s styles, working on a lot of collaborations together and winning a lot of gigs around the country.  Performing alongside the majestic Totem, we have received incredible ratings for our work around London and in the studio.  It’s just fantastic to see all of the grassroots work that Jamie has been putting in turn into something tangible and promising.  The residency that both he and I were granted at Primo Bar at Westminster Park Plaza was just the beginning…

Bright Lights

Jamie and I recently worked on a track together recently called Bright Lights, an amazing upbeat dance track with sublime vocals and a clean, cool sound.  We loved producing it and we got some outstanding reviews when we released it through my Buffalo Beats label, so I’m challenging any producers out there to try and do a better job than we did.  You can find the acapella version of Bright Lights here on Amazon – download it and let your synths run wild with it.  Send all of your submissions to sax@brendanmills.com in the form of raw files or links to Soundcloud, YouTube etc.
Bright Lights Jamie Johnson

The Prize

The winner will receive a full production package courtesy of the Buffalo Beats record label.  That means that we take your track from concept to recording and production to release.  Your track will be fully supported by Buffalo Beats and released through iTunes, Amazon and more.  It’s time to get mixing!