Christmas & New Year Celebrations

Well what a whirlwind of a month December was.  I had every intention of touching base via the BM blog last month . . . but with the diary so action packed I simply didn’t get a chance.  But what fun it was!  From Manchester to Mayfair, from Jamaica to (I can’t think of anywhere in London beginning with a J) – we had a lot of fun (And some Jerk Chicken to die for!) !!

With the New Year underway there is now SO much to look forward to.  The BM Recording and Video studio is now well under way with completion set for March 2016.  This is going to be really instrumental in enabling us to compile lots of fresh video footage of both myself and our new artists.  This will help to ensure that the BM online presence is going to be fresher and more current than ever before!  It’s really exciting.  I am also really pleased to welcome on board Ross Wall . . . who I will say a few words about a bit later on.

Here is a quick video snippet of Ross and I sound checking back in December.

I am also pleased to announce that we have now secured a regular slot at the Westminster Park Plaza Primo bar, London, where we will be show casing our new artists every 3 months.  The next date is set for 10th March 2016 and it would be great to see you down there!  A big thanks to for taking this pic at the last one we did in December.


Ministry of Defence

It is always exciting bringing new clients on board and starting new working relationships.  So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to RAF Benson to discuss becoming a music supplier for their famous annual RAF ball.  What was more exciting is that I was able to have a tour of their latest, ‘top of the range’ Merlin Helicopter.  In fact – this is one the most technologically advanced helicopters in the world!  A massive thank you to flight Lieutenant Smith for the guided tour.  For those of you who have seen my earlier blogs – you will note that I recently took to the skies in my own microlight aeroplane . . . so this was like my birthday and Christmas had come all at once!!


Really looking forward to providing some great music for our service men and woman over the coming years!


Ross Wall

I am extremely honoured to be able to invite Mr Ross Wall onboard to the BM Music team. 2015 proved to be an incredibly busy year and with even more events already in the pipeline for 2016 it seemed liked the right time to bring in some management!  Ross is one of London’s leading musical directors who has a CV that would make most record label A&R managers go week at the knees.  With over 15 years industry experience, coupled with being London’s top session pianist to boot, I am confident that Ross is going to be instrumental in helping me take our musical adventures to new heights.  As well as helping with the everyday running of the business Ross is going to be heading up the ‘BM Artist’ division (something that will soon feature a lot more on the website).  He will be searching far and wide for the UK’s best musical talents that we hope to bring on board for our future events.


Ross will also be taking over the management of my diary for the beginning of 2016 as I will be heading down to South America with my saxophone for a 6 week tour (well someone’s got to do it!).  If you want to get in touch to make a booking please follow the usual routes on the website and Ross will come straight back to you . . . you will be in very safe hands!

And Finally

With the BM Studio almost complete (fitted out to industry standard with separate live, control and video rooms) and with Ross on board we have never been positioned better than we are now to help develop new talent.  If you are a DJ, Saxophonist, Singer, Percussionist or amazing performer with a talent that you think we need to know about then please get in touch!  We are seriously looking to invest in a select number of amazing artists next year and the hunt for new talent has now begun.

And finally, Sloan magazine, one of London’s leading lifestyle publications, will be running a feature on me in their January magazine.  A massive thank you to their editorial team for thinking of me and I will most certainly share the article on my next blog.

Next Stop, Brazil !

Speak soon,