Had I have known back in December what I do now I think I would have saved my previous blog title for this one!  Musicians usually know January & February as a time of rest; a time to gather your thoughts after all of the Christmas parties, an opportunity to plan for the year ahead, to catch up on some much needed sleep or simply jump on a plane to find some winter sunshine (and a good dosing of Vitamin D!).

Well, jumping on a plane at the start of 2017 is exactly what I did, and in search of some winter sun . . . but this time with my Saxophone and all the way to New Zealand!  What an adventure.

New Zealand

It was January 2016 and my brand-new wife (!!) and I were sitting on Copacabana beach on honeymoon discussing what we were going to do the following year.  How could we possibly beat the South Atlantic Sea, Brazilian Bacardi’s and sun-kissed sand?   Then Louise said to me, let’s go somewhere completely different and somewhere we have both always wanted to visit . . .New Zealand!  Not only did it seem a great plan but Louise’s sister was also living abroad and planned to be in New Zealand the following January; so it all looked like it was going to work out perfectly.

What happens next you will not believe.  I still can’t believe.  My phone beeped.  I had received an email enquiry for the following January . . . . .in New Zealand.

Fast-forward 12 months and we were boarding a plane on route to Auckland to perform at Juliana & Pete’s wedding.   It was held on their family farm with a stunning 3000-acre backdrop of rolling hills and countryside.  It really is truly beautiful place.

So . . . I had been warned that they knew how to party.  And oh my, did we party!  As my first note sounded early in the afternoon . . . the last followed shortly before sunrise the following morning!  It was such an amazing day from start to finish and it was a complete honor to have been a part of it.

In Juliana & Pete’s own words

Our wedding was perfect, thanks largely to the input of Brendan into our day. Not only did he mastermind some really cool aspects of our wedding, his musical genius was amazing plus he managed the smooth running of all musical elements.  His skills and presence are world class and his personality and ideas frankly rock. 

New Videos

Since the launch of BM Artists most of time spent in the studio has been behind the lens (or more accurately, behind the mixing desk!).  I thought it was about time that I stepped up to the plate to lay down some new videos for 2017.

There have been some really good songs released recently so it was quite hard deciding what ones would be best to do, and most importantly, what would sound best on my beloved saxophone.  So with sounding current at the top of my priority list I jumped straight into the studio and kicked off with some . . . . .Whitney Houston!!!

Now, without bordering on ‘Sax la fromage’, some of these old 80’s power ballads just lend themselves unbelievably well to the Saxophone!  To be quite truthful, I couldn’t help myself, so here goes.  I hope you enjoy!

To brings things up-to-date I opted for to perform an arrangement of Zara Larsson’s ‘I Would Like’.  I hope you enjoy this one too.

There are five new videos in total so please check out the media page on my website https://www.brendanmills.com/media/

New Showband

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out www.bmartists.com then please do.  First task on my arrival back to (not so sunny London) was to record our new BM Showband.   A MASSIVE thanks to all of the amazing musicians involved and to my musical hero Rossy W for bringing it all together!!!  Here is a sample of our amazing new band!


With an action packed diary leading into the summer and beyond please be sure to keep updated on both mine and BM Artist website for new videos, artists, testimonials, pictures and more!  Until next time, BM