Prime time radio

Every performer hopes for that ‘lucky break’ day – and this is exactly what happened when I performed at the Princes Trust Ball back in the Autumn of 2014. (Although I didn’t realise it until several months later!). None other than Kiss FM’s prime time, leading dance legend Mr AJ King was hosting the annual ‘Celebrate Success’ ball where I was performing some arrival Jazz on the saxophone . . . and I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to slip him a few ‘Jammy’ MP3s when the opportunity arose!  I didn’t think much more of it, until a couple of weeks ago my phone bleeped to a message reading

“Just stumbled across your tune and there was no way I couldn’t play it!  Check out my Friday night show’ !! “

As you can imagine – filled with anticipation, I tuned into AJ’s prime national Friday night dance spin to hear my track (featuring the VERY talented Chenai) . . And he didn’t let me down! Check this out . . . Sandwiched between Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle!

Spinnin’ vinyl

From the earliest days I have always been a ‘hands on’ musician (I’m sure there are some VERY embarrassing ‘early years’ pictures of me around somewhere – but I just ran out of time to find some! (Honest).  Anyway – the new age of digital DJ’ng has come with so many advantages, not to mention the fact that with a simple internet connection you have immediate access to pretty much every song in existent . . . which is great for those ‘end of the night’ special requests!  However – along with digital DJ’ng came the advent of push button sync and space-shuttle like controllers!  Now, I’m not one to knock technology – I fully embrace it and am always taking advantage of cutting edge technology in both my music production and live sets, but sometimes I just feel like a bit of the ‘hands-on performance factor’ has been lost  (or maybe that’s just me starting to show my age!!).

SO . . . recently my good old friend Jon Glover , the ‘big chief’ at Kent’s premier DJ academy, introduced me to time code vinyl… looks great, feels great and sounds great!  Now I know this isn’t necessarily the latest revelation – but it’s the first time I have had a play on it, and I have to say . . . . a pair of Technic 1210’s went straight to the top of my eBay hit list!  It sounds great, looks great and, well . . . simply IS great. You get all of the feel, control and nostalgia that come with playing on a pair of ‘proper’ record decks – but with the added advantage of being able to access your music collection digitally.

Check out DJ Unkut showing what can be done with a timecode Vinyl set up . . . .

Digital domain

The long awaited release of my house track ‘You Make Me Feel Alive’ under my alias ‘Jammy’ is just around the corner!  This track, featuring the incredible  2 x UK Number 1 Kelli-Leigh, was very well received across international dance floors . . . receiving tastemaker support from the likes of Paul Sirrel and Oliver Heldens . . . not to mention receiving full backing from Charlie Tee and Danny Lee at Kiss FM, and peaking at number 15 of the upfront Dance charts (with no label support)!

If you haven’t heard it yet . . . then you can here!

And then…

Well, it probably goes without saying . . .I have just invested in some Technic 1210’s and they will soon become a regular feature on my DJ Sax shows with Traktor’s amazing new time code Vinyl!  I am currently booking some studio time for early May to lay down some new promotional material and am in the discussion stages of some interesting collab’s – so watch this space!

Oh and one last thing – going back to the wonderfully talented Kelli-Leigh. . . she has recently featured on Low Steppa’s new track – ‘SO REAL’.  Check this banger out – got my full support!