Studio Debut

It has been a very busy few months at ‘BM Towers’ as we have been hard at work creating a new studio space to help showcase our new artists (and also a few of my videos as well!).  As with most new things – there were a few small teething problems getting it all up and running but I can now very safely say that the doors are fully open!  With the first studio sessions already underway I think it is fair to say that everyone involved has been blown away with the results.  One of the great things about having access to our own video / audio studio is that it will make it even easier to create fresh content to share online.  So lots of new videos can be expected!  I am also going to be working towards a new dance release for this summer . . . so some deep beats with summer sax can be expected too

Yesterday, Mr DJG (one of Camden’s musical treasures), swung by for a deep house Jam.  As soon as I heard his soulful beats wafting up the stairs I just had to reach for the sax!  The next thing I new we were shooting an impromptu mix in the new studio!  Hope you like . . .


BM Artists

With the creation of the new studio we are now hungrier than ever to find some fresh new talent to come and work with us.  In particular we are looking for Saxophonists and DJ’s!  We have set ourselves a tall task with what we are looking for as it’s not just about being able to play.   We take vibe, interaction and the way an artist can entertain just as importantly as musical ability. There won’t be many of you around . . .but if it’s you we are talking about then please contact Artist Management on .  We would love to get you in our new studio!


Wedding Snap Shot

Sometimes it can be hard to envisage how certain elements of your wedding or event are going to look.  This can include everything from the table plan to the position of the cake!  Most importantly, however (of course!!!), is how the music is going to fit in.  What will it look like?  At what part of the day will it work?  What will the lighting be like?  Will the DJ get the dance floor moving?

I know how important it is to make sure you get all of these aspects right (and planned in advance) as I only recently got married myself.   It is definitely re assuring to know (before it happens) that the day is going to run as smoothly as possible.

It was this that got me thinking.  I decided that it would be a great idea to film one of my wedding performances from Start to finish.  From Ceremony to Carriages.  This would be able to give my new customers a really good glance into the future as to how, visually, the music could fit into their wedding.  Now, of course, no two weddings or events are ever the same . . . but I think having a something visual to look at can only be a good thing.  So this is exactly what we did !

With massive thanks to Caroline & Tony we were able to film at their incredibly beautiful wedding at One Mayfair in January 2016.

I hope you like this . . .


Other news

With married life brings next steps and greater responsibilities.  Enter Phoebe . . . our 8 week old Weirmaraner Pup!!!!  Now I know this has just about nothing to do with music . . . . but things just don’t get much more exciting (or cuter!) than this!  I’m trying to teach her to be a studio guard dog. . . .but I don’t think the risk of being licked to death will be much of a deterrent !!


I am almost qualified with my National Private Pilots License so soon will be able to get around the country a lot quicker than before. Customers from distant destinations will no longer be confined to Skype calls for initial meetings. (Now how many other saxophonist offer this?!) This was a magical shot taken a couple of days ago over Maidstone. It wasn’t nearly as sunny below the clouds!


Our resident showcase at the Primo Park Plaza went brilliantly last month and a big thank you to everyone that made it down.  We will be there again next month – dates to follow very shortly!

I have also been busy keeping the students of our frosty land moving in a series of club appearances and what a lot of fun it has been!   Some very crazy nights!!!