Summer beats

Well the summer is heating up to be another busy one – and I just can’t wait! As the beats in Ibiza start to rumble – so does the subwoofer in Buffalo Beats towers . . . and the remix requests are definitely starting to flourish in my inbox! Last year I did some work with an internationally acclaimed female DJ – who has been signed by a major dance label and hitting the dance floors worldwide by storm! (Unfortunately I’m not allowed to name her quite yet.) However – I am VERY excited to say that I have been approached by her management to provide a deep house mix for the debut release . . . and as soon as the release goes public I will be shouting about it from the hill tops! So watch this space.

Sam Smith

I like to keep things fresh – especially when it comes to my live shows . . . which got me thinking – why stick at just the sax!? Although the saxophone is, without a doubt, who I am and what I do – I decided to explore something new . . . my voice! Well – I’ll let you be the judge, but after hours of dedicated practise in the shower I booked up Resident Studios in West London to capture the fruits of my vocal (and bubble bath) labour! I ended up getting down six new videos for the website and the first edit has just arrived. It is a cover of Sam Smith’s ‘Lay Me Down’. Hope you enjoy!

Getting Hitched!

I am really excited to announce that I will be featured in Brides summer edition! It is great to be affiliated with the UK’s number one, must-have wedding read so please watch out for me . . . it hits the shelves on 21st May! And on the subject of Weddings. . . . I have the biggest wedding event of all coming up in October – my own! I think I might leave the sax at home for this one (but you never know!!).

Other News

There have been rumours that a very good friend of mine, musical mentor and all round superstar – Fil Straughan, is soon to appear on Britains Got Talent. I will certainly be tuned in with anticipation on Saturday night and he will definitely be getting a YES from me!

With the dance music season soon to get underway, aside from my remixes, it will be time to put ‘Jammy’ (my dance alias) back to work in the studio. I have spent many weeks over the winter months at the piano discovering new riffs and am now confident I have got some new dance floor bombs . . .and a new collaboration with Jamie Johnson can definitely be expected!

On the exam front – a massive congratulations to Louis for passing his Grade 1 ABRSM piano in style, with a merit! Well done! And finally – a massive thank you to Mr Tommy Reynolds who has helped hugely with the new look of my website (in case you didn’t notice!). He is incredibly talented behind the lens of a camera and is responsible for all of the new images on my website! Thanks mate.