Team Mills

Well it has been a whirlwind few weeks (both musically and otherwise) and not least to mention that there are now two new Mr & Mrs Mills’ in the world!

Firstly, Stuart & Jemima.


Sometimes I just get a good feeling when I take a booking.  I knew from the off that these two love birds were party goers through and through (especially when they requested a deep house / sax set for arrival drinks) so my excitement for their party started to brew long before the big day (and what a day it was)!   

After a beautiful ceremony and gorgeous sun-filled afternoon we partied the whole evening and early hours of the morning away.  I think that dance floor saw some of the best action it has seen in a long time, in fact, we even had an acoustic UK Garage after party . . . with PLENTY of audience participation ;).


The second Mr & Mrs Mills wedding was . . . .mine! 

It is official; I am at last a married man, and what an incredible day it was too. 

I thought that I was an experienced hand at being in the limelight and would be able to keep a lid on my emotions; however, it turned out to be FAR from it!  As Louise (my new *wonderwife* as she is now called) turned the corner I had a break down at the altar . . . and thanks (not!) to Mr Tommy Reynolds for catching my face close up on Camera as it happened!  No words can describe what an incredible feeling it is to marry the love of your life and how amazing it is to be surrounded by all of your family & friends in one place on one very special day.  It still hasn’t quite yet sunk in.

Anyway – in case you’re wondering . . . did my saxophone make an appearance at my wedding??  No prizes for guessing!


Fleur East ‘Play That Sax’

Ever since Fleur East’s sensational performance of Mark Ronsan’s smash hit ‘Uptown Funk’ I have been a big fan!  So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that her latest track (that shot straight to number 3 in the UK Official Charts this week) was called ‘Sax’.   Now obviously, it goes without saying, I would have been Fleurs first point of call when looking for a ‘saxman’, however, it appeared my phone must have had a flat battery when Sony made the call! (lol!)  However – I couldn’t resist doing my own little version at home.

It would also appear (Judging by Fleurs speedy re tweet) that she is was a big fan!


Good luck Fleur and hope you make that much deserved #1 !!

Taking to the Skies

Working as a music professional, especially when performing at the most important occasions of people’s lives, means that running late is never an option!  Which left me thinking . . .hmm, I wonder what sort of James Bond contraption could help me keep ahead of the game (and the M25 rush hour) ??  And then . . .BAM, I had it!  I needed a microlight aeroplane . . . yes, you heard correctly!

Now, OK – maybe this is just a bit of an excuse for a new hobby (!!), but nevertheless . . . I am now hooked (and quite literally dangling) from the Sky.  After my initial lesson from Matt Robbins – – (genuine flying instructor hero & all-round legend) I realised that there was no turning back.  So just a few weeks later, several flying hours and a five ground exams I found myself heading skywards on my own for the very first time.  Thanks Matt for catching my first solo landing on camera!

So next time your waiting for me to arrive at a gig don’t be too surprised when I come gliding down from behind a cloud.  (Just need to find somewhere to put the Sax first!)

Festive Spirits

With the Christmas period just around the corner I am looking forward to lots of festive partying.  So please keep posted for lots of pictures, stories and no doubt a few videos to come!