If you know me at all, you’ll know that the performances I most enjoy are DJ Live sets.

But what’s DJ Live, I hear you say… Well let me explain.

DJ Live is the combination of live performances from both musician and DJ. That means the energy and atmosphere of a band or a singer, or a guitarist or saxophone; combined with the crowd-filling punch of a DJ. Whether the DJ is providing a backdrop to the musician, or is mixing and remixing their sounds in the moment; the result is an absolute banger.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to DJ Live. It can be used subtly, to bring an extra something to an intimate setting, or it can be used to bring the boom of Fabric into your event. Flexibility is its best attribute.

Which is what makes it so great for weddings and parties. Getting 100 people of all ages, creeds and colours into the same room is difficult enough; but entertaining them all at the same time can seem impossible. Not with DJ Live, where the live musicians can perform against hundreds of thousands of digital tracks at the DJ’s disposal. Online streaming and digital music banks mean that almost any request can be handled, particularly if your live musicians are talented enough to freestyle over unfamiliar tracks. No genre is off-limits when it comes to DJ Live.

Sonically, DJ Live works best with saxophone, percussion and vocals. These three live performances are traditionally raw (and acoustic), so adding a DJ over the top brings them up a notch. Some of my most memorable gigs have been playing sax alongside singers, whilst a DJ worked magic around us. We’re able to get out into the crowd wirelessly, entertaining the audience in-the-moment, confident that we’re leaving behind a stage presence who can keep the tempo up.

Benefit number 438 is that it gives longevity to your event, allowing individual musicians more breaks. Some performances will be the entire band and DJ, some will be the singer and DJ, some will be the guitarist and saxophonist. Whilst this isn’t a charity case to preserve a poor musician’s energy (!!), it’s common sense that a rotating set list is not only more interesting but also allows the group to keep their energy levels for a late night of performances.

In short, there’s nothing quite like the versatility and impact of DJ Live. It can switch between intimate acoustic sessions to 20-piece brass band boom; at the flick of a switch and a little shimmy on stage. It’s my favourite gig to play, and it’s where most of my best testimonials come from. Listen to the people!