You know how excited about this I am…

I’ve been talking about the launch of BMArtists for the past few months and I’ve already been managing some of London’s top talent to fill the demand that has been going up and up. But now it’s here, live and kicking at with a roster of vocalists male and female, saxophonists, DJs, violinists, percussionists and more. Watch this space because that list of artists is just going to grow and grow.

Don’t forget that BMArtists exists to give you bigger and better experiences. More flexibility, more talent, more energy.


And my manic schedule…

I’ve been to and from the continent during the summer, but the highlight for me was playing at the British Hairdressing Awards in London last month. With hundreds of the most talented beauty professionals gathered into the Madison’s Cocktail Bar in St Paul’s, it was a big challenge to provide the backdrop for such a stylish occasion. I had a blast, got a compliment on my blazer (see right) and hope to be back next year!

I also played at an extremely cool 1920s wedding at London Piccadilly, at which talented photographer Lily Sawyer was shooting. Themed events are always fun, because you have to tailor your style to fit the narrative of the day. That means dressing right, acting right and, crucially, playing right.  Lily interviewed me for her blog too, go and check it out.


Bespoke songwriting

Music has been my food and drink for more than 20 years.

I’ve been a performer, a DJ, a teacher, a manager and everything in between.

What I’ve been doing more of recently is songwriting, which has resulted in my lyrics being sung on national and international radio from the New Forest to New York. Over the past couple of months I’ve been writing unique music for the weddings that I’ve been performing at, with the bride and groom providing me with their favourite songs and their favourite life moments.

From there I can compose a beautifully unique song that will forever represent that special day. As well as playing it live on the day, I also mix and master the recording in the studio; providing you with original audio and video. And if you want, I can even release it through iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. More information on my songwriting service.

Songwriting is just one of the many strings to my bow that BMArtists is going to make possible, so I can’t wait to see what the future holds. For now, I’ve got gigs all around the world taking up most of my weekends between now and the end of the year.


To check my availability, and that of my artists, get in touch for a chat.