Not too much time for a long post today, I’m approaching what’s going to be a very busy week and there’s a lot of preparation involved when your instrument of choice was made closer to 1900 than 2000.  One thing you can guarantee about saxophonists is that they know how to take care of a thing…

So what has my week been like?  Well a congratulations are in order first for some of my outstanding students.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing their hard work combine with their love of their music and result in passing their gradings.  Congratulations to Rob (Grade 4), Luc (Grade 5 Distinction) Joshua (Grade 3 Merit) and for Gabrielle for blitzing his Grade 2 piano exam.  All of my current students try very hard despite having work or school commitments and I’m proud of every last one of them.

Outside of the lessons, I was lucky enough to play at an incredible Bar Mitzvah this weekend with the incredible Totem and Uptown Events.  The Roundhouse in Camden rocked to the sound of sax and song well into the night.  You can see the amount of people rocking to the music in the image below – always a pleasure to play alongside Totem!


Credit to Paul Toeman for the excellent, acrobatic photography!

In collaboration with Chenai, I’ve also been at my sound system again recently and have produced a new deep house track.  Despite some time away from the synth, it all came flooding back and we were able to roll out an incredible track that an unnamed (yet) major label have expressed an interest in signing.  It’s all movement and excitement in the Brendan Mills household at the moment, here’s to hoping for many more like this.

So with Christmas just around the corner and New Year fast approaching, my schedule is likely to pull sharply on the throttle and I’ll be whizzing around London like a maniac.  Having already taken some really exciting bookings for festive events, I still have some slots open for gigs and performances – so please get in touch if you have any enquiries.  The same applies to any students who are looking to take up an instrument come January.

And speaking of January, the Brendan Mills travelling roadshow (me and my sax…) will be flying out for its first Asian expedition.  I’m landing in Thailand and I’m looking forward to sampling the local music and seeing what I can add to it!  It will be all business as usual on home soil, my trusted Organisational Guru Judith is being entrusted with my diary and is awaiting all bookings and enquiries on the back of my international tour…