What a start to the summer it has been!  With the year kicking off to the West (South America) I have now found myself travelling to the East.  Enter India.

A few weeks back my very good friend and Chief official photographer, Tommy, was discussing a trip he had planned to India to test out some new equipment from Pixapro.  However, he had a last minute problem when his usual lighting assistant was no longer able to make the trip!  Now I know on face value this may seem a little unrelated to my day job . . . but at least half of my working life is spent in the studio so I felt the only correct thing to do was to volunteer!  It seemed like a great opportunity to get a better understanding for photography and how I could get more from the regular shoots we are now having in the BM studios.

Well, what an incredible trip!  Varanasi was our destination and it was just so different from home.  Steeped in culture, history, spiritualism, great food and the most wonderful people we had an incredible time.  Thankfully . . .Tommy being Tommy, he captured the whole thing on video!  So it saves me having to try and capture it in words.  I also came back with a real enthusiasm for photography and will now be able to be more objective in the studio than ever before (in fact, I have even started to take a few ‘snaps’ myself).  So all in all a really successful trip!

DJ’s with a difference

Technology has changed the face of music over the past decade.  It is almost astonishing how much so.  Not just the way it is played, but the way it is recorded, listened to, distributed and made.  This is of course no bad thing but it does mean that, as one of London’s leading live music companies, we need to ensure that we are keeping well ahead of the game!  Being ‘just’ a DJ isn’t enough for us anymore.  For us DJ’ng is very much a performance and something that we like to mix with the finest of live musical elements!  Over the next two months we have got an action packed studio with almost 20 of London’s best artists joining us to record some fresh DJ live videos.   I am really excited to see this side of the business come alive and will be even more excited once the video content is produced.  Once this is done we can really get ‘out there’ and start showing the world our new talent!

In the mean time, until our new army of super DJ’s have graced the studio, here is something a little more relaxed that we recorded last week!  Hope you enjoy…

Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson is without question one of my favourite vocalists on the scene.  I mean, what isn’t there to like about him?!  For anyone that has ever been on an event with him, he seems to be everybody’s best friend before the end of the night!  He shot to everyone’s attention after performing with Kylie Minogue on BBC’s the Voice and since hasn’t looked back.

Jamie and I go back a bit now.  As one of my closest musical friends I have to say that I am personally so proud of him for what he has achieved and for the way that he has mastered his musical craft at such a tender age!


Last week we all linked up for a Nando’s (where Jamie insisted he wasn’t going to eat but then proceeded to demolished an entire chicken . . . . but then what would be the point in going to Nandos?!) to catch up and talk music.  Well it didn’t take long until we were back in the studio and jamming out to some old songs.  We seemed to focus around one song in particular that I wrote a few years back but never quite got around to finishing.  Jamie mentioned that he has wanted to record / release it for a long time and it didn’t take much persuading before I agreed to produce it as a single release for him!

When I set out to develop BM Artists I really did want it to be about the ‘Artists’.  Recording and releasing original music is where it is at for me and I am really excited to be able to say that I will be producing Jamie’s new single.  Not only will we be recording new original music but we are also going to jump in the studio and record some great covers, with our own original take . . . so any requests please let us know!

Other News

As the summer really gets under way so does the musical calendar!  With regular events across the globe things have really never been busier or better.  In fact, I have even just taking a booking in New Zealand!!!! (Very excited about this one).

A MASSIVE thank you to my beautiful wife, family and friends for my surprise 30th Birthday party on the weekend . . . . .I REALLY did think I was playing for Tony Blair!!!  Brilliant.


And finally, the real focus this year is on developing the BM Artist roster and in recording some really high quality video footage!!  So watch this space…