If you are seeking something truly unique for your wedding, a saxophonist may be the answer. If you want a musical performer who stands out from the crowd, is guaranteed to get your guests dancing, and can also help create a romantic, sophisticated atmosphere, then why not consider a saxophonist? Read on to find out what a premier wedding saxophonist can offer, and why this is the ultimate choice for your luxury wedding.

Memorable wedding

From cheesy discos to 80s covers bands and big swing groups, it’s literally all been done before. If you want the music at your wedding to be both unique and memorable, then a wedding saxophonist could be the way to go. Experienced saxophonists are few and far between, which puts them in high demand. This means it’s highly unlikely your guests will have encountered such a musical act before.

Sounds of Love

The saxophone is one of the key woodwind instruments. It has long been associated with romantic melodies, making it the perfect choice for those who want to keep the theme of romance running through every aspect of their big day.


Unlike a band or regular DJ, a saxophonist can move from the stage freely and easily. Whether that means making their way through the crowds to liven things up or moving location to help guide your guests to a different room, this mobility brings the guests and the music closer together.


As the world’s most streamed saxophonist, Brendan is hugely versatile. You might well have some musical requests or preferred genres, and these can absolutely be accommodated, but as an experienced wedding saxophonist, Brendan will also have his own musical compositions and songs ready to perform too. That’s another reason why you should only book a premier saxophonist for your wedding.

In addition to performing a blend of covers and his own solo music, Brendan can also perform with backing music and deliver exceptional DJ sets. As one of the leading saxophonists in the UK, he will be able to perform during different parts of the event, so you can soft jazz or RnB lounge music for the drinks reception and then get the party started with rock classics, followed by playing the biggest house tunes with a saxophone/DJ set late into the evening.

Diverse skills

The combination of DJ sets and saxophone is a powerful one, ensuring that all of your favourite tracks feature, taken to the next level by the accompanying live performance. The fusion of the two creates an absolutely unique and memorable sound that will stay with your guests long after your event has concluded.

Booking a gifted saxophonist can really take your wedding to the next level. The versatility of one of the UK’s top live performers means you can have a musical backdrop that suits your personality. Whether you want big bold tunes, dance classics, or a romantic soundtrack, the unforgettable sound of a live saxophone will be remembered by your guests forever.