There are few more atmospheric instruments than the saxophone. This makes a saxophonist the ideal solution for wedding entertainment, whether you want to create a smooth and relaxed vibe in the evening or make sure that the bride traverses the aisle in a manner that the guests will never forget.

One Man Band

One of the most appealing things about saxophone players is the variety and versatility that they can offer to any event. As Brendan often says, he can offer a ‘big band experience in a single booking’.

Many people associate saxophones with jazzy sounds, and there is no doubt that cool jazz can be the perfect choice for relaxed events or those moments on your big day when the perfect background music is required.

This is far from the only genre possible, however. In fact, there are few musical styles that won’t sound amazing when played by a saxophone. So, whether your plans call for rock, pop, or soul, a saxophone is sure to be the ideal wedding accompaniment.

Size Does Matter

The versatility of the saxophone also extends to the venues it can transform. The size of the instrument makes it perfect for any environment; whether you want to light up The Ritz or an intimate local venue, a saxophone will always be the perfect fit.

Perfect at any Time

The versatility continues when you consider the different moments in your big day that a saxophone can make even more memorable. There is the potential for them to perform at almost any point in an event.

You may choose a saxophone player to accompany you as you walk back up the aisle and then play some relaxing jazz during the afternoon, before getting your guests on the dancefloor as part of your evening entertainment. You could choose to create a Café Del Mar atmosphere at the start of your night-time celebrations and then get the saxophone player to team up with your DJ to create the ultimate live / DJ set as the party really comes alive. Brendan can fulfil both roles.

Something for Everyone

Many people have never seen a saxophonist performing at close quarters, and so this musical choice can see your wedding entertainment become a real talking point. A saxophone player is a rather more unique choice than a standard wedding cover band, and there is no doubt that the music this instrument creates offers a magical quality that few others can compare with.

The saxophone looks and sounds beautiful and has an appeal that not only transcends musical genres, but also generations and personal tastes. Choosing the right music for your big day can seem challenging due to the sheer variety of the guests attending, and the saxophone offers the widespread appeal and versatility that events of this kind demand.

Leading saxophonists such as Brendan have a huge repertoire that can cover everything from contemporary pop to timeless rock. Want some Motown for your parents or some chart music for the kids? A saxophonist can deliver, while still offering the class, glamour and luxurious ambience that this beautifully melodic instrument can provide.