Corporate Event & Party Saxophonist

Playing the saxophone at corporate events and parties is a unique experience, one that requires adaptability and nuance. As a saxophonist who has played at hundreds of corporate events & parties over the past 15+ years, I have the ability to read the audience and deliver the right style to the right crowd.

Parties and corporate events demand panache, style and flexibility – skills hard earned whilst playing with some for and with household names of the music industry. I have played to crowds of thousands, and I’ve played to intimate groups of friends and family. I often have to move with the flow of an event, from elegant entrance music to window-rattling dancefloor fillers; something I relish as an event saxophonist.

My experience of multiple instruments, support artists and record label management has exposed me to every facet of the music industry. It’s this understanding that allows me to perform with confidence and charisma for your corporate function or party, the last thing you want is a nervous or inexperience musician in front of a tough crowd.

I’m a regular session musician at some of London’s top party venues, including The Dorchester, The Four Seasons, Park Lane and The Westminster Park Plaza. I have also played at numerous functions, parties and corporate events around the world; including for big brands like Chanel and L’Oreal or for audiences boasting Sir Richard Branson and The Queen.

Corporate functions present a unique challenge to saxophonists, one where you have to be able to take a good brief from the organiser but also have plans B, C and D for any unexpected circumstances on the day. The audience might not warm to the style of music that has been chosen, the power might go out forcing you to go acoustic, the older crowd may leave early leaving the younger crowd with different tastes. I love nothing more than needing to come up with a new approach on the spot, it’s in these moments as a party saxophonist that you can make a memorable experience unforgettable.

Whether you’re a brand, a corporation or you just want to organise a good party; I’d love nothing more than to have an open discussion on how I can help. With multiple saxophones and top of the range sound and lighting, I can flex to any need or venue. Give me a call today and we can have an informal chat.