Destination Weddings Saxophonist

Weddings are magical wherever they are.

Gathering your nearest and dearest in the same place to see you start a new life with your significant other. Watching family dynamics play out and seeing old friends for the first time in years. Eating and drinking to your heart’s content, surrounding by your favourite people. But doing so in a magnificent setting adds something special to your big day.

Whether it’s on the shores of Spain, the islands of Italy, or the rolling hills of Devon or the Cotswolds: place makes a difference. Brendan Mills has played all over the world, entertaining more than 50,000 people across almost 1,000 gigs. From the United States to Asia to Europe, Brendan has played at destination weddings for the past 15 years and amassed all of the experience and know-how of international gigs as a wedding saxophonist.

Having also shared the stage with household names and played for multiple celebrities, nothing fazes Brendan. His adaptability, charisma and natural musical talent have made him one of the most sought-after saxophonists for weddings all over the world. Having an experienced international musician is important for destination weddings, where language barriers, equipment differences and cultural quirks all need to be managed effectively.

Whichever paradise you’re planning to tie the knot in, Brendan would love to come along for the journey and provide a soundtrack to suit the setting. Whether as a saxophonist, a DJ, part of a group or all of the above; Brendan’s schedule gets filled quickly so get in touch today to enquire.

Sax & DJ

Sax & DJ

There’s something ethereal about the saxophone. A staple of the best Ibiza chillout songs, heard along the beaches and pool sides of party centrals around the world, it epitomises relaxation…



The saxophone is perfectly matched to the romance of your special day, whether it be for a bridal entrance, ceremony, wedding breakfast or evening entertainment. Or all of the above.

Corporate Events

Corporate Parties

Parties and corporate events demand panache, style and flexibility – skills hard earned whilst playing with some for and with household names of the music industry.