Wedding Saxophonist Cotswold

Nestled in the middle of England, the Cotswolds are a living painting of beauty and romance.

Home to hundreds of thousands of weddings every year, the hills and valleys of the Cotswolds offer some of the most stunning backdrops in the country. From Cheltenham’s regency architecture to Oxford’s historic cobbled streets, and the rolling pastures in between, there are plenty of options for a Cotswold wedding.

Playing to more than 50,000 people over a 15-year career and almost 1,000 gigs; Brendan Mills is one of the most talented and sought-after wedding saxophonists in the world. Regularly flown and shipped overseas, Brendan has amassed endless experience of playing at all shapes and sizes of weddings. A naturally talented musician who has hosted Sir Richard Branson, Queen Elizabeth and a number of other celebrities; it’s Brendan’s unique mix of talents that make him the perfect match for a Cotswold wedding.

Known to even sport a little tweed on his trips to the Cotswolds, Brendan is a dynamic and charismatic performer who can keep a crowd smiling and dancing all evening. From romantic entrance music, to relaxing daytime entertainment, to energetic evening music; Brendan is flexible and adaptable to take requests and respond to the crowd’s preference. That means keeping toddlers and pensioners happy, and everybody in between. It sounds impossible, but you’ll see! You won’t find a finer wedding saxophonist for your Cotswold wedding.

Brendan’s schedule fills up well in advance, so please get in touch to reserve your special date.

Sax & DJ

Sax & DJ

There’s something ethereal about the saxophone. A staple of the best Ibiza chillout songs, heard along the beaches and pool sides of party centrals around the world, it epitomises relaxation…



The saxophone is perfectly matched to the romance of your special day, whether it be for a bridal entrance, ceremony, wedding breakfast or evening entertainment. Or all of the above.

Corporate Events

Corporate Parties

Parties and corporate events demand panache, style and flexibility – skills hard earned whilst playing with some for and with household names of the music industry.