Wedding Saxophonist Devon

Devon is one of England’s most beautiful counties. What better backdrop for a wedding?

With hundreds of miles of coastline, along with multiple National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it’s not hard to see why thousands of couples tie the knot there every year. Rolling green hills, limestone cliffs, sandy beaches, sleepy villages: it’s got everything that a quintessential picture postcard could ask for.

Brendan Mills has entertained hundreds of wedding guests throughout Devon. Whilst playing most of his gigs in the capital, he often travels around England at the request of brides and grooms who want his special talents at their wedding. Whether it’s Paignton, Brixham, Exeter or Barnstaple; a saxophone provides the ultimate backdrop to any wedding.

As a wedding saxophonist, Brendan has played to thousands of people at hundreds of weddings all around the world. There’s always something particularly special about playing on the coast or in the country wilds at a Devon wedding. Something comforting, friendly, relaxing and romantic.

But that doesn’t mean that Devon weddings are always slow and easy. Brendan’s unique combination of talents lend themselves to every type of celebration, whether it’s the romance of entrance music or when he takes to the DJ booth in the evening. With fully mobile equipment, Brendan makes his way among the guests, the tables and the dancefloor make the night fully inclusive of your nearest and dearest.

As one of the most in-demand wedding saxophonists in the country, Brendan’s schedule fills up way ahead of time. Get in touch today to reserve your special day.

Sax & DJ

Sax & DJ

There’s something ethereal about the saxophone. A staple of the best Ibiza chillout songs, heard along the beaches and pool sides of party centrals around the world, it epitomises relaxation…



The saxophone is perfectly matched to the romance of your special day, whether it be for a bridal entrance, ceremony, wedding breakfast or evening entertainment. Or all of the above.

Corporate Events

Corporate Parties

Parties and corporate events demand panache, style and flexibility – skills hard earned whilst playing with some for and with household names of the music industry.