Wedding Saxophonist Dorset

There’s something suspiciously Mediterranean about the Dorset coast…

Maybe that’s why thousands of couples choose this idyllic stretch of the English seaside to tie the knot every year. From the seaside villages to old working ports, cathedral cities to offshore islands; there’s something about Dorset that’s particularly special for romantic getaways. And even moving in-land, the network of quaint villages and rural retreats, Dorset still has so much to offer for your special day.

Brendan’s long career has seen him jet to the furthest corners of the world to play exotic and energetic locations, but there’s always something about the south coast that brings out that romantic feeling. Firmly on English soil, Brendan has enjoyed some of the best gigs of his career in Dorset and the surrounding areas, finding the relaxed lifestyle and steady pace a real accompaniment to the romance of the saxophone.

Experienced in playing for diverse crowds of wedding guests, Brendan’s flexibility and adaptability makes him a crucial friend in what can be a day of over-organisation. His ability to go with the flow and react to changes on the day make him one less thing to worry about, and indeed he can provide delightful distractions when you need an extra ten minutes to find the cake knife.

Having played to more than 50,000 people over the years, Brendan’s calm demeanour and energetic performances allow him to keep even the most varied group of guests entertained over a long day. From serenading them into a wedding, to getting them on their feet for hours of dancing, it’s Brendan’s versatility and natural musical talent that make him one of the most in-demand wedding saxophonists in the country.

Unfortunately this does mean that he gets requests years in advance, so get in touch today to ensure that he keeps your special day free.

Sax & DJ

Sax & DJ

There’s something ethereal about the saxophone. A staple of the best Ibiza chillout songs, heard along the beaches and pool sides of party centrals around the world, it epitomises relaxation…



The saxophone is perfectly matched to the romance of your special day, whether it be for a bridal entrance, ceremony, wedding breakfast or evening entertainment. Or all of the above.

Corporate Events

Corporate Parties

Parties and corporate events demand panache, style and flexibility – skills hard earned whilst playing with some for and with household names of the music industry.