Saxophone Lessons in Kent

The thrill of teaching is something I discovered many years ago and the joy I experience through it has never left me.  I have had some amazing tutors throughout my musical career and being able to repay their faith and ability is something I have always wanted to do.  I am lucky enough to have become one of the leading saxophonists in Kent and I’m often approached for bespoke musical tuition.  I currently have around 30 students across the capital, I am a fully registered ABRSM Teacher and I have 100% pass track record. Along with saxophone tuition, I am also a trained pianist and have helped many students discover or re-discover their keyboard skills.

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Along with saxophone tuition, I also teach music as a subject and improvisation on a wider basis.  Generally speaking, I teach in Maidstone during the week and in Bromley on the weekend. I can also travel further afield for the enthusiastic student, but this will require additional travelling costs.  See my pricing model and more information on my very old (retro!) website here.

Here is what some of my most dedicated students have to say about their time with me:

  • Ian Mack

    Ian Mack

    Satisfied Student

    Brendan Mills - WOW what a teacher!! He makes learning an instrument fun and easy to understand. I am 48 years old and have always wanted to learn to play saxophone. I thought I would finally give it a try but was expecting a music teacher to be a bit harsh and stuffy, but Brendan was excellent.

    He is to be able to give real confidence and motivation to learn. Thanks to Brendan I am really enjoying my lessons and I am improving really quickly.

  • Clive Lee

    Satisfied Student

    I have found Brendan to be an excellent, positive and patient non clock-watching tutor, with a good eye for detail; he is very adaptable with lessons and has kept my interest and enjoyment in playing very high. I feel I am progressing further and faster than I had with other tutors. It’s nice to have a tutor who can do gigs in known establishments, I feel it adds credibility to what he is teaching. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brendan to my associates & friends.

  • Ian

    Satisfied Student

    I've been so impressed with Brendan, both as a talented musician and as a teacher. Brendan has tailored his friendly approach to my needs and skill level (and musical taste!). More than anything else he has given me the inspiration to keep going. I would highly recommend Brendan as a music teacher to anybody.

  • Dave Egan

    Dave Egan

    Satisfied Student

    He’s Mr Consistent! From the outset he has always been welcoming, friendly, positive and patient. I always look forward to every lesson. Always challenging, but Brendan’s methods always include humour and enthusiasm. Even my neighbours have commented on my progress! I always leave each lesson feeling a sense of accomplishment!

  • Rob Cooper

    Rob Cooper

    Satisfied Student

    Until 18 months ago I had never picked up any musical instrument and could not read one note of music. Thanks to Brendan I gave a performance on the sax recently to over 400 (at a prize giving evening) and received a standing ovation!

    As a Headteacher in an Inner London school I work with a lot of teachers and have got to know what makes a good teacher. Brendan is not good ... he is outstanding.

    The ingredients of an outstanding teacher are: subject knowledge, enthusiasm and high expectations. Brendan has all of these and more. Each lesson is well-structured and I make a lot of progress. They are also a great deal of fun.

    I have chosen to learn to read music and we switch between classical, jazz, pop and other forms that I’d never heard of.

    I fully recommend Brendan as a great teacher and a great talent.

  • Rachel Redman

    Rachel Redman

    Satisfied Student

    Brendan is passionate about the saxophone and this comes across brilliantly in his teaching. His enthusiasm for his pupil to get the best out of the instrument and the lesson is unbounded and his enthusiasm infectious. But whilst always encouraging and positive, he teaches to a high technical standard, which must be the building block for good sax playing.

    I am a beginner, but feel that I have fallen on my feet with such an outstanding teacher.

  • Andy May

    Andy May

    Satisfied Student

    Searching for the right Saxophone teacher is far from easy; many teachers get bogged down in the theory of music early on, stifling enthusiasm and making the learning process dull. It is perhaps unsurprising that so many give up in these early stages; frustrated by slow progress and disillusioned that the dream was unattainable. After I experienced this approach first hand, I sought out Brendan; determined that there must be a better way.

    Brendan’s approach to teaching the Saxophone is a breath of fresh air; he strikes a superb balance between teaching the technical playing skills and theory necessary to master the Saxophone; ensuring the learning process progresses fast, with precision, but is first and foremost “Fun”. His passion and enthusiasm for the instrument is infectious, and one leaves after his lessons eager to get home and practice the skills just learned. I find myself appropriately challenged, highly motivated and confident to practice what I have learned during the class on my own. Under his skilful guidance and encouragement, I have progressed quickly from being a complete beginner, to playing sections of Pop, Jazz and Blues that would have seemed far out of reach only a few weeks ago. I eagerly look forward to each new lesson, assured in the knowledge that I will come away with a step-change in playing skills and the excitement of something new to master before the next lesson. For these reasons I would not hesitate to recommend Brendan to anyone wanting to learn the Saxophone, or who is dissatisfied with their current progress. One lesson is all you will need to appreciate what learning the Saxophone should feel like!

  • Miles Cowley

    Miles Cowley

    Satisfied Student

    Brendan has an in depth knowledge and great enthusiasm for the saxophone. He brings these qualities to every lesson.

  • Simon Blaxill

    Simon Blaxill

    Father of Satisfied Student

    Brendan has been teaching our son Philippe for about 2 ½ years now. During that time Phil has improved his playing to a large degree, passing his grade 2 exam about a year ago and recently being invited to join his school band.

    Phil always looks forward to his lessons and Brendan, whilst always maintaining firm in his direction (often necessary with our Phil), never forgets that playing music should be above all, an entertaining past-time.

  • Sally Lawson

    Sally Lawson

    Satisfied Student

    Brendan has been teaching me for nearly two years now and every lesson has been a pleasure. Not only is Brendan a gifted musician, he is a brilliant teacher and achieves the perfect balance between encouraging and challenging. After my first month of lessons Brendan told me that I would do my first 'gig' 5 months later. I thought he was joking. As that 6 month marker approached I realised he was serious and we prepared to play a piece in an open mic jazz session with Dave Silk's brilliant band.

    The fact I did it is a testament to Brendan's ability to build confidence and skill from scratch. I was 51 when I started learning and sometimes have periods when I can’t practice. When this happens we just enjoy playing duets, learn some theory or work out new pieces by ear so the lesson is never wasted. It is great to have a teacher who is fun, flexible, does not mess about when it comes to getting it right and is an inspirational performer. He gets my 5 star rating!

  • Brett Lonsdale

    Brett Lonsdale

    Satisfied Student

    Brendan brings a wealth of professional experience to his teaching, being at home with everything from Bach to Charlie Parker to hip-hop. He structured a programme for me after a careful assessment, and has provided masses of advice on style and technique that has helped to improve my playing beyond measure, from near-beginner to almost-grade 6 candidate.

    And I have really appreciated Brendan's flexible approach. He provides direction, close tuition and guidance when required, but is no tram-line teacher: he listens and leaves space for your own ideas and will encourage you to think for yourself and to take the lead when you're ready - and is not above throwing in the odd unexpected challenge ot two! At the same
    time, he is always unfailingly supportive, and his enthusiasm is a fantastic spur to progress.

    Starting regular saxophone tuition with Brendan back in December 2009 turned out to be a very good move indeed, and I haven't regretted it for a minute.

  • Ian Mack

    Ian Mack

    Satisfied Student

    Brendan Mills - WOW what a teacher!! He is to be able to give real confidence and motivation to learn.

  • Sally Lawson

    Sally Lawson

    Satisfied Student

    Not only is Brendan a gifted musician, he is a brilliant teacher and achieves the perfect balance between encouraging and challenging.