With personal recording and mixing equipment, along with access to full studio systems – I can record and produce custom saxophone sections to a brief.  Whether you need a killer solo on your track or you want some improvised lilting music for a video – I can deliver professionally produced and mixed compositions.

Work with Brendan!

You’re saving the time of sourcing a saxophonist, the money of hiring a studio and the effort of having to physically collaborate.  You get studio-quality recordings with guaranteed satisfaction from a dedicated and enthusiastic musician.  If that wasn’t enough, you’re also getting a saxophonist signed to the same label as Sonny Stitt, Ella Fitzgerald, Leicester Young, Oscar Peterson and Sonny Rollins!

Please see the menu below for your choice this evening:

Yamaha Purple Label
“In my opinion, the Purple Label from early ’62 is one of the best modern saxophones on the market. This is the closest you can get to the Mk. VI – it’s lightweight, has a beautiful action and gives a warm, centred tone.”
Yamaha 475
“Yamaha are simply the best modern saxophone producers and I personally love the 475 model. It’s a reliable and consistent instrument, producing a bright soprano sound to add a clean elegance to any musical piece.”
Selmer 1954
“In most musical circles, it’s agreed upon that this is the best saxophone ever made. No amount of money can buy this instrument and I was extremely fortunate to come by it myself. The Selmer Mark VI was handmade by artisans in Paris in 1954 and hasn’t been matched since. The perfect instrument with an unbeatable sound.”
Selmer Cigar Cutter
“The oldest saxophone that I own, the 1930 Selmer ‘Cigar Cutter’ is the iconic saxophone from the heyday of brass instruments. This model was also handmade in Paris but in 1930 and it has all the magic of a vintage Selmer. The Cigar Cutter has a slightly brighter and bubbly sound, a very 1930s bebop aura – one of the many reasons it was Charlie Parker’s favoured sax.”

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  • BBC World ServiceBBC World ServiceMitra Turani, Senior Producer

    Brendan has been very intuitive whilst working with our brief. Given the tight deadlines and the demanding nature of TV productions, Brendan has done an excellent job of composing original music and sound bites, completely befitting the look and feel of our programme.

  • Lauren TraceyArtist

    As a young Artist working with other musicians, it is so exciting to see how they work and also the outcome of the project we’re working on. Brendan by FAR out shines a lot of musicians! He was so much fun to work with and so passionate about what he does! I went in asking for a sax solo and he gave me some AMAZING pieces to choose from! A TRUE PROFESSIONAL at his craft!

    Brendan is a truly talented individual and it was an honour to work with him.

  • Rod BrownFreelance Percussionist

    I have been a professional freelance drummer/percussionist since 1975, with much experience of working with some of the top artist(e)s, vocalist(e)s and musicians in the best recording studios in the country. I speak as one who knows the difference between an average result, and a beautiful balanced recorded sound. I have been very pleasantly surprised, delighted and amazed at the superb results obtained by Brendan. In addition, he has a great ‘attitude’, is accommodating and extremely professional – a joy to work with!

  • W.J.F MusicPeter Foxell, Director

    Brendan Mills has been recording (with pianist Hugh Ockenden) a number of old piano manuscripts for me in the past few weeks. He has enthusiastically undertaken the task (which had been turned down by several others before) and has a tremendous “can do” attitude, knowledge and contacts for recording music and the results have been excellent!

  • DDS EntertainmentDyana Desser, Director

    Buffalo Beats have produced some outstanding tracks for my artists. We were thoroughly impressed with their entire song writing and production process from start to finish. We would happily recommend them without any hesitation. Great job!

  • Prestige Elite RecordsKeith Thomas, Managing Director

    Brendan is one of the world’s best young, up and coming jazz players. Brendan’s sensual style and clear mastery of the saxophone may put him on a par in years to come along with his great heroes and influences – Lester Young, Charlie Parker and Coleman Hawkins to name but a few…one of the biggest jazz talents of this generation.

  • Strong SensationStrong SensationFiL Straughan

    I've recently been working with a talented ambitious young saxophonist named Brendan Mills. His cheerful attitude,  intuitive nature, initiative taking manner have made him a refreshing young talent to work with, so much so that not only have I worked with him on live performances but also on recording projects between London and NYC!