The world’s most-streamed saxophonist.

250 million streams

#1 streamed saxophonist

4.7 million monthly listeners

Release Schedule

As one of the Top 20 Most Streamed UK Dance Artists, with 3x tracks currently in Spotify’s Global Top 200, Brendan is a relentless and prolific saxophonist. His hectic release schedule – working regularly with the likes of Madism and Tess Burrstone, under Soave, Hub (Virgin/Universal), OneSeven (Sony) and BeYourself records – has made him the world’s most streamed saxophonist on Spotify.

His unique blend of red-hot riffs and warm, climbing choruses, and salacious solos has earned him the top spot in the game. Known for his charismatic blend of vintage restrain and dance pedigree, Brendan might be classically trained but his soul is electronic. 165 million streams, so far, on Spotify are testament – his live performances are unforgettable, his collaborations are quickly becoming iconic, and his rise to the top has been nothing short of meteoric.

Credentials > BA Hons in Jazz, Grade 8 Distinction in Sax, Music Production Diploma, Performance Diploma.

Appearances > Camden Roundhouse, The Dorchester, the Four Seasons, Park Lane, Westminster Park Plaza.

Labels > Hub (Virgin / Universal), OneSeven (Sony), Place Called Home, Soave, Loudkult, Diepgraven, BeYourself, Toneville Records, Miami Beats, AtLast Media.

Collaborations > Madism, Kelli-Leigh, Felix Samuel, Dualities, Tess Burrstone, Viva La Panda, imallryt, Jamie Johnson.

Live > More than 900 performances across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

Audiences > More than 70,000 people, ranging from Queen Elizabeth II and Richard Branson, to VIPs of luxury brands.

About Brendan

London born-and-bred, Brendan made his name on the brutal event circuit of the capital. Playing multiple back-to-back performances every weekend, he quickly made a name for himself as the go-to saxophonist for ambitious and luxury weddings. Performing alongside the industry’s most sought-after function bands – including Totem, Fil Straughan’s Strong Sensation, and Seventh Wonder – Brendan brought more than a little of his own unique flavour to their shows.

At centre-stage, on the dancefloor, on top of chairs and tables, or behind the decks, Brendan is London’s premium event saxophonist. 

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