DJ with Sax London

There’s something ethereal about the saxophone. A staple of the best Ibiza chillout songs, heard along the beaches and pool sides of party centrals around the world, it epitomises relaxation…

And in the same breath, every rave and dance hall plays host to DJs able to get crowds of thousands on their feet. Able to inject pace and power with their ability and charisma, world-class DJs are few and far between. Fewer still are those who can play live saxophone whilst keeping the decks spinning alongside. Supplementing brass with vinyl, lung power with high voltage; the flexibility of a DJ and live saxophonist can make a memorable night an unforgettable one.

And having one person who can do both of these interchangeably?

DJ Sax is my combination of the two and it’s one of my favourite service to offer.

DJ Sax lets you switch between the crowd-filling impact of popular hits and live remixes, with the beauty and elegance of a live instrument. It lets you combine the sound of the sax over and alongside your favourite songs, played completely wirelessly which allows me to weave throughout the crowd and put on a real dynamic performance – even whilst the decks continue to spin.

I’ve played hundreds of gigs all round the world which enabled me to unclasp the saxophone during a DJ set. What started out as fun, quickly became a gimmick, and even more quickly became a highly-requested set. Over time, I’ve perfected the mix of these very distinct styles and know that nothing gives you more bang for your buck than a classically trained musician who can mix and spin live, at the same time.

DJ Sax gives you the flexibility to work across multiple genres, at any time during the event, with a single musician. It allows you to create the atmosphere of a much larger act, introducing multiple instrument tracks weaved amongst the live saxophone by the simultaneous DJ. I can work with requests or freestyle on the day based on your guest’s reaction, as I have been doing for 15+ years of DJing and playing saxophone.

There is truly nothing that comes close to the impact of DJ Sax, I have received 50+ positive testimonials based on my performances with saxophone and decks. Most of those reviews start with ‘Wow!’ It really is my passion to combine my two favourite instruments and I believe that comes through in my performances. I would love to talk you through how it works and how DJ Sax might be applied to your event, wedding or function.

For an informal chat and discussion on what I can bring to your big day, please get in touch.