Sax DJ

There are few instruments that can contend with the romance and sophistication of the saxophone. A staple favourite of first dances and love songs, the saxophone is a timeless sound that sings like nothing else in brass.

And at the other end of the spectrum, bringing an event to life demands a DJ. Replacing brass with vinyl and lung power with high voltage, having somebody who knows how to fill a dance floor can make a memorable event; unforgettable.

Sax DJ combines the two – and this is my real passion.

I’ve played hundreds of gigs, all around the world, where I’ve had the chance to bring my sax out during a DJ set. What started off as a bit of fun, became a gimmick, and quickly became a fan favourite. Over time, I’ve perfected the mix of these distinct styles – nothing gives more bang for your buck than a classically trained musician, who can throw it down on the decks simultaneously.

Sax DJ gives you the flexibility to work across multiple genres, at any time of the event, without multiple muscians. 

It lets you switch between the impact of electronic music, and the beauty of a live instrument. It lets you have live saxophone played over and alongside your favourite songs. And the saxophone is entirely wireless, allowing me to move throughout the crowd and put on a real dynamic performance – even whilst the decks continue to spin.

For more information about Sax DJ and what else I can bring to your event, get in touch.