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I’ve been playing saxophone at weddings for more than 15 years, having racked up hundreds if not thousands of special days in that time across London & the world. Weddings are my most frequent booking and with the beauty and sophistication of a saxophone, it’s no wonder that every weekend features a new wedding. The saxophone is perfectly matched to the romance of your special day, whether it be for a bridal entrance, ceremony, wedding breakfast or evening entertainment. Or all of the above.

I’ve been featured in Brides Magazine, at the National Wedding Show Olympia and I’m the preferred wedding saxophonist for a number of prestigious venues in the capital. I have built great relationships with these venues over the years and can often bring more than just a wedding saxophonist to the party, I can help with logistics, negotiations and support artists also. Having always walked the line between musician and entertainer, I know when to blend into the background and when to step in and liven the crowd. As a saxophone player at weddings, I’ve played at every type of celebration you can imagine; big, small, formal, informal, casual, showcase. You name it, I’ve played it.

For every wedding, I come equipped with an open mind and flexibility to move between genres and styles throughout the evening. My sax is always completely wireless, allowing me to move amongst the crowd and keep the entertainment factor at an all time high. Or I can remain in the musician’s area, making sure that the focus is on the special couple rather than the entertainment. I’m flexible and will adapt my performance to your individual wedding needs, no questions asked.

And it’s not unusual to find me strapping on the guitar and opening up the pipes for a few acoustic numbers, when the show calls for it. From saxophone to strings to vocals, I’m always on the move to keep the crowd happy and create a memorable experience.

As a regular wedding saxophonist at The Dorchester, The Four Seasons, Park Lane and The Westminster Park Plaza; I have played at weddings large and small and am perfectly comfortable with any style. From classical brass to modern renditions, from intimate groups to crowds that fill the rafters; with a saxophone in my hands I can lift the spirit of any wedding.

If you’re interested in seeing what a saxophone can add to your special day, please feel free to get in touch with me for a frank discussion. We can generate ideas together and talk through the endless styles, genres and artists that I have spent 15+ years perfecting my saxophone on. Please, drop me a line today.


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